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The ability to monitor your child's grades and any assignment information can now be securely viewed from your Internet Browser at home. We are providing this access through our Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) feature. This secured access requires an Internet connection and a confidential user name and password issued to the parent by the school.  This URL is found on every schools main webpage:



Logging in to this URL

The PIV is accessible to all parents and students by following the information provided.



This information applies to: Doe, John


1. All students have a student ID number. This number can be provided on a student ID or from the School.  This number is the User Name for each account.



2. The Students First name is the account password. (All characters of the first name are included, if there is a space between letters then include the space. The name is spelled and entered the exact way it is in the school database. If there is a problem contact your school).  

3. Select the school that your student attends by the dropdown selection.



4. Click on the “Logon” button.



Enter the secure login information shown below:

            User ID:    10000123456

            Password:      John





* The User ID and password confidentiality is crucial - DO NOT give to other people.

* Please allow teachers turn around time to enter grades.

* This is a privilege for parents to monitor their child's progress. Any misuse or abuse of this account will result in denial of access.

* Missing assignments may be calculated in a variety of ways. Please check with your child and/or their teacher for the particular policy in the class.








Parent and Student Access


The System Set Up

            After logging on to the Pinnacle system the screen above is displayed. Anything that is in BLUEis a link to more information on the students’ progress.

Items of Interest

Grade Summary:  This is the display above.

Student Demographics: Information provided to the school about the student from the Parent / Guardian.

Class Report:

            Class: Allows user to see you class at a time in the viewer.

            Marking Period: Allows user to switch to a previous grading period (If Applicable).  

            Report: Give the ability to see current or missing assignments for each course.

Select Get Reportafter the selections have been made.


            Print the screen or report created in previous steps.

            Email the teacher(s)

            Email Notification: Create weekly/daily/monthly automated email reports to your chosen email address.


Email Notifications


Enter Email to receive Notifications

Follow the Report Selection

            Enter your name

            Preferred Language

            Grade Summary

            Student Assignments

            Automatic Grade Notification

Submit Notification Request