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Student Handbook







Middle School









Anna Tapley, Administrator


31350 Rancho Vista Road

Temecula, CA 92592




Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.




I have read the planner and understand the policies, practices and procedures at our Middle School.



_________________________________________                          ___________________________________________

Student Signature                                                    Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Signature


Please sign and return this portion of the cover sheet – Thank you!

Message from Mrs.Tapley


Welcome to our Middle School! Our school is the home of dedicated teachers, hardworking students, and involved families. We are eager to finalize a name for our school by having the students participate in creating a new name. We will let you know as soon as possible what our new name will be! As the year finishes, we will carry on the well established tradition of excellence. I look forward to meeting and working with each of you.


I want you to have the most successful year possible; please read the following traits and practices that will help you to do your best here and refer to them throughout the year. If you do your best to adhere to these, you will have a great experience!


Never Give Up– Sometimes, class work will be difficult. Keep trying! Give every assignment, project, and test your very best. If you struggle with a concept, let your teacher know! When you let us know you need extra help, we are able to make sure we are doing our best to help you “get it.” That’s our job! Your job is to do your very best. When you take responsibility for your own learning, including asking for help when you need it, you develop skills that will serve you well in life. With determination and a positive attitude, you will achieve.


Communicate– Talk to your parents or school staff members about anything and everything! If you have an issue with anyone, let an adult on campus know. When you are absent, it is important that a parent / guardian call the school. Be sure you make up your missing assignments. It’s a student’s responsibility to communicate their absences to a teacher.


Be Respectful– Our students are some of the nicest around! Our expectation is that each of you will respect all students and adults on campus. Name calling, harassing of any kind, intimidation, physical aggression, etc. will not be tolerated. Respect other people’s personal property; it is private and should not be touched by anyone other than the owner. Respect school property – take pride in being a valuable member of our beautiful school site. Always respect yourself and others!


Accept Responsibility– Part of growing up involves making mistakes. At one time or another, you may use poor judgment or do something wrong without thinking it through. Your actions may cause a negative result. The most important thing to remember is that once you have made a mistake, accept responsibility! Be honest and you will develop a trustworthy reputation. No one is perfect. Being honest about a mistake and accepting

consequences helps you to learn and move on.


I know we will have a wonderful rest of the year and I can’t wait to meet each one of you!



Mrs. Anna Tapley, Administrator




Our Middle School is committed to providing a safe learning environment where students, parents, and community accept the responsibility of preparing students for academic success and to face the challenges of the future. The school’s environment of trust and mutual respect for all people reflects our belief that all students can learn.





Please contact the school at (951) 294-6286 each day of your child’s absence with the following information:


1. Student’s Name and Grade         2. Parent’sName

3. Date(s) of Absence(s)                4. Reason for Absence


It is the student’s responsibility to make sure his/her absences are cleared. Students have one day after their return to clear absences. An uncleared absence is considered truancy and may result in disciplinary action. The maximum number of allowable absences (without consequences) in any one semester is nine (9)days. Ten (10) unexcused absences may lower citizenship grade. Attendance is recorded on a period-by-period basis; therefore, each class is considered on an individual basis. Absences that DO NOT count toward themaximum allowable include: illness, medical and dental appointments, funeral services for immediate familymember, appearance in court, religious holiday, school business (counseling, testing, etc.), authorized schoolactivities. Absences that count toward the maximum allowable and that are considered excessive beyond nine (9) days include: personal business, family vacations, lack of transportation, suspension/truancy, part-time custodial parent returns child late.


Homework may be requested by parents from teachers for a student who is ill. Teachers have 24 hours to prepare the request. The work will be available in the office. Students will have two (2) days for every day absent to make up the work. The following notification schedule will keep parents informed about their child’s attendance and the consequences of excessive absences: 1) three days of unexcused absences – letter to the parent requesting parent-school contact; 2) six days of unexcused absences – letter to the parent pointing out the approaching limit and consequence; 3) eight days of absences – letter to parent indicating the student is about to reach the final warning and conference with the student.



School starts at 8:30 a.m. A student is tardy at 8:30 a.m. Students who are not in their seats by 8:30 a.m. will be counted tardy. Students are to report to the office if they arrive late. If a student is more than 30 minutes late, a parent or doctor note, parent phone call, or parent visit is required for student to sign-in at the office. Tardies to each class period are recorded by the teacher. Unexcused tardies will result indetentions and/or suspensions for repeated occurrences. Every six (6) tardies counts as a referral and is subject to the school’s discipline consequences. According to the California State Education Code, three (3) unexcused tardies (more than 30 minutes late) are considered

truancies and will be reported to the County School Attendance Review Board (SARB).



Riding a bicycle to school is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. Students are expected to follow all safety regulations traveling to and from school. Helmets are required by law. Students must have their own lock and are responsible to lock up their bicycles at all times on school grounds. The school and district do not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged bikes. No skateboards, scooters or roller bladesare allowed on campus before, during, or after school. Motorized scooters are illegal for anyone under




The staff at the middle school takes bullying seriously. The staff is available to students who are having difficulty with another student. Incident reports can be completed in the office and will be investigated. For more information see the California Department of Education at http://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/ss/se/bullyfaq.asp.



Every student is expected to do his/her part to keep our campus clean. Gum chewing is not allowed. Gum club will be assigned during lunch or before/after school if a student is caught chewing gum. Students assigned lunch duty for disciplinary reasons will be assigned campus beautification work under the supervision of a campus supervisor. Please do your part, do not litter or chew gum.



Inform the office if you change your address, telephone number, doctor, emergency contact phone numbers, or parent work phone numbers. This is essential for proper and necessary communication. If you are listing a person as your emergency contact, please make sure you have their permission. If you should experience a divorce or legal separation, provide a copy of the legal court documents to the office if it affects legal or physical custody of your child. It is essential that we havecurrent emergency numbers in case of an emergency.



Communication between school and home is vital. If you would like to speak to your child's teacher, simply call the office at __________and the secretary will connect you with the teacher’s voicemail. You may access our teachers by e-mail through our website. Please contact the teacher to schedule a parent/teacher conference if needed.


TEACHER for information about your child's progress, homework  

expectations, grades, behavior, or to arrange for a parent/teacher conference.

PRINCIPAL about general concerns, questions about discipline, activities,      

              and policies.

  • E-MAIL

All school information is disseminated through e-mail and newsletters. Please make sure we have a current email address on file so you receive all information.




We post school newsletters and monthly calendars on the website. We also have all of our “Contact” information including teacher phone extensions and e-mail address listed. The website can be accessed through the TVUSD home page under school directories in the left hand margin. Once school directories has been selected, select charter schools and you will find our website.


Once school has begun, each student’s grades will be posted online. Parents can access pinnacle at any time to check on their students’ progress.





Conduct – Conduct is considered appropriate when students are diligent in study, careful with school property, courteous, and respectful toward their teachers, other staff, students, and volunteers.

Conference – A school administrator will meet with the student attempting to determine how best to eliminate student behavior problems and make better choices.

Teacher Classroom Detention – Teachers may hold detentions in their rooms for minor behavior problems. The teacher will determine the length of the detention.

Break Detention – A student is detained during the 10-minute break in the morning.

Lunch Detention – Students will bring their lunch to the detention lunch room and remain there during the lunch period.

Class Suspension – Student will be suspended from the classroom and activities.

Suspension – The student's privilege of attending school is suspended, and the student must remain at home. California Education Code 48900 details specific reasons

for home suspension.

Search – School property (i.e. desk, lockers, etc.) may be subject to search at anytime by school officials. Personal property (i.e. backpacks, purses, clothes, cell phones etc.) may be searched when reasonable suspicion exists.

Confiscated items – Items that have been confiscated from a student by a school employee shall be held in the office.



Students are expected to demonstrate good behavior, be respectful and follow school rules at all times. When a student breaks a school rule, they will be assigned to the appropriate discipline for the type of violation – warning, detention, referral, or suspension.




The consequence for breaking any of these minor rules will include anything from warnings to detentions.

Chewing Gum

Eating/drinking in class

Dress code violations


Minor defiance


Minor disruptions

Riding bikes, skateboards or scooters on campus

Failure to return signed documents



The consequence for breaking any of these major rules will include detentions, suspensions, or recommendation for expulsion. Involvement of the School Resource

Officer will occur when necessary.



Anabolic Steroids





Electronic devices


Missing detentions

Laser pointers

Pornographic material

Bullying or intimidation




Sexual harassment

Cyber bullying involving electronic devices

Continually breaking minor rules (defiance)/major defiance

Conduct that endangers students, staff or others

Damage of personal or school property

Drugs and/or paraphernalia

Fighting (instigating or encouraging a fight)

Fighting (mutual combat)

Internet/computer misuse

Harassment (of any kind)

Major or continual defiance

Major or continual disruptions

Theft/possession of stolen property

Tobacco, matches or lighters

Verbal or Physical assaults

Weapons or other dangerous objects



The manner in which students dress for school influences personal behavior and learning. Violations of dress standards can result in a warning, removal of the item, parent phone call, wearing of PE clothes, or suspension for willful defiance of authority.


1. Shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals must have back straps. Thongs or backless shoes are not acceptable. For safety, heel height should not exceed 2 inches.

2. Hats may be worn only when students are outdoors during P.E., lunch, and break. Hats may not be worn indoors at any time during the school day and may not be altered. Hats must be worn facing forward. No bandannas, sweatbands or hairnets may be worn at any time. Sunglasses may be worn to protect the eyes when students are outdoors during P.E., lunch, and break.

3. Facial adornment caused by piercing and/or body piercing is discouraged. Any jewelry that poses a safety hazard or a disruption may not be worn.

4. Appropriate clothing for school: a) shall be free of writing, pictures, etc. that are crude, vulgar, profane, sexually suggestive, or related to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or violence; b) will not advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice; c) shall not include see-through or fish-net fabrics, halter tops, off the shoulder, low cut tops or bare midriffs. No spaghetti/thin straps or tank tops. Straps on the shoulders must meet a minimum standard of two inches.

5. Any gang related apparel, including, but not limited to, hats, shirts, jackets, headbands, bandanas and insignias are prohibited. Clothing that creates a threatening or intimidating atmosphere is prohibited.

6. Hair shall be clean and neatly groomed and styled in a manner that does not distract from classroom learning or cause a disruption.

7. Undergarments must be covered at all times. Pants must be no more than one size too large. Belts must be tucked into belt loops.

8. Skirts and or shorts must cover mid-thigh. Acceptable length for shorts and skirts is not shorter than mid-thigh.


The staff is not responsible for stolen, damaged or lost confiscated items.



Illness: Students who feel ill must request a pass to the office to see the health clerk. Students may not take it upon themselves to use the school phones or a cellphone to be picked up. Students leaving early for medical appointments, etc. must report to the office before leaving. Parents are required to sign the students out through the office and present identification.



We understand that a lot of students carry electronic devices. We are concerned about the financial burden to parents when these items are lost or stolen. This happens all too frequently and recovery of the item is rare. In addition, use of electronic devices such as, but not limited to, cell phones, I-Pods, MP3 Players can be a distraction or disruption. Any electronic device seen by an adult and confiscated during school will be sent to the office to be locked up. These items can be picked up by a parent only. Students may no longer pick up these items. When an electronic device is taken, it will be recorded in the discipline system as a referral.


Thestaff is not responsible for stolen, damaged or lost confiscated items.



Progress reports are sent home with the students and report cards are mailed home at the end of the semester. Please see the calendar for the dates you should expect to receive these reports.



Students on campus are required to have a formal, signed hall pass in their possession whenever they leave their classroom.



Since medical treatment is the responsibility of the parent and family doctor, medications will be given only upon the written request of a physician.   All medications (including aspirin and inhalers) must be in their original container, labeled with the student’s name, and stored in the nurse’s office. An Authorization fornnPrescription/Over the Counter Medicine Form will be completed by both parents and doctor and must be on file in the Health Office if medication is to be dispensed through the health office. Health office guidelines are as follows and students should NOT attend school if they have any of the following symptoms:


Fever (100 or above)

Nausea with or without vomiting


Flu symptoms

Pain that is not controlled

Infectious Conjunctivitis (pink eye), this requires a physician’s visit.



Fever free for 24 hours.

No vomiting for the last 24 hours

Infectious Conjunctivitis (pink eye) when antibiotic treatment has been at least 24 hours and symptoms have subsided.


Student with injuries requiring the usage of crutches, splints, braces or casts require a physician’s note and indication when they are able to resume regular activities. These students will be restricted from contactsports and other designated activities on the playground.




Homework is a valuable part of the instructional program with extension and expansion of student learning facilitated by the assignment of meaningful and manageable student work. Homework should be done independently, however, parents are encouraged, to show interest in their child’s work and to provide an appropriate setting. Generally, homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Middle school students may average 60 – 90 minutes of homework per evening, which may vary depending on exams, projects, and the

speed at which your child works.



Lost and found is maintained in the office. Items left for extended periods will be given to charity after students are notified.



Every student at Middle School has the right to enroll in school without discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex (including sexual harassment), handicap (or disability), or age in any of its policies, procedures, or practices. This ensures that there is no discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin in compliance with Title IX of the Civil Right Act of 1964, sex (including sexual harassment), which is in compliance with the Education Amendments of 1972, and age which is in compliance with the Age

Discrimination Act of 1975. The lack of English language skills will not be a barrier for admission and participation in any program. All students have equal education facilities and evaluation procedures, and there shall be equal allocations of educational funds.



Students are allowed to use the office phones in case of emergency need to contact parents. Students should make arrangements to be picked up from after school activities. Use of cell phones during school hours is permitted only with teacher permission.



Search and seizure is conducted whenever there is reasonable suspicion of student involvement with controlled substances or dangerous objects or when the potential for damage to school or private property is determined.



Our Middle School is a closed campus. All visitors must sign in at the office and present ID.

Students must be signed out through the office by a parent, guardian or an authorized person identified on the emergency card.



All pertinent student records are kept in the office. In the event that a student is to withdraw, the parent must notify the school in order to have all the paperwork completed. Students are required to get a checkout sheet from the office on their last day, return all library and textbook materials, and get their final grades from their teachers before they are officially withdrawn.



Textbooks are the responsibility of the student and parent. Textbooks and materials must be returned at the end of the course and when withdrawing from school. Final report cards, transcripts, or any other school records will not be issued with outstanding books or other debts. Any student not returning textbooks or other materials will be charged replacement costs. Fines and bills should be paid in the Media Center. New materials (including high school or any other school) cannot be issued until all books/fines from this middle school are cleared.



Temecula Valley USD has standardized book fine charges.


All wet books need to be thoroughly dried with a cool hair dryer immediately after the moisture occurs.


Type Of  Damage                                                      Textbooks

Bar Code Damage/Removal                                                 $3.00

Missing or Torn Page(s) Un-repairable                 $2.00 per page (6 max)

Light Liquid/food damage/no mold                       $5.00

Severe Liquid Damage (Mold)                                Replacement Cost of Book

Torn Cover – Usable                                                 $5.00

Severe Cover Damage                                              Current Bindery Fee + shipping & handling for book

Graffiti still useable                                                   $5.00

Broken Binding                                                         Current Bindery Fee + shipping & handling for book

Soiled by food, etc., if unusable                               Replacement Cost of book Fines for other


Miscellaneous damage will be determined by teacher and administrator. Each school site will honor fine notices in cumulative files when students transfer from another school within the district. Funds collected for fines will be deposited in the originating school’s textbook account so that lost or damaged books may be replaced.



All visitors are required to check in with the administrative office upon entering campus. Those wishing to visit classrooms must have at least 24 hours prior approval from the teacher and an administrator. All visitors are required to wear a visitor’s badge while on campus. Please be prepared to show photo ID.